Notion Colors

Notion colors
Notion colors

Welcome to the colorful universe of Notion!

This article delves into the unique notion color palette that defines the visual experience of this popular tool.

Notion's color scheme is carefully curated to offer a functional interface.

Each color is designed to enhance readability and aesthetic appeal.

Let's dive in and discover how Notion's colors shape our interaction with this tool.

Notion Light mode colors:

Default Color

Default notion color

Text: #37352F - Background: FFFFFF


Gray notion color

Text: #9B9A97 - Background: EBECED


Red notion color

Text: #E03E3E - Background: #FBE4E4


Pink notion color

Text: #AD1A72 - Background: #F4DFEB


Purple notion color

Text: #6940A5 - Background: #EAE4F2


Blue notion color

Text: #0B6E99 - Background: #DDEBF1


Green notion color

Text: #0F7B6C - Background: #DDEDEA


Yellow notion color

Text: #DFAB01 - Background: #FBF3DB


Orange notion color

Text: #D9730D - Background: #FAEBDD


Brown notion color

Text: #64473A - Background: #E9E5E3

Notion Dark Mode Colors


Default notion dark mode color

Text: #FFFFFF - Background: #2F3437


gray notion dark mode color

Text: #979A9B - Background: #454B4E


red notion dark mode color

Text: #FF7369 - Background: #594141


pink notion dark mode color

Text: #E255A1 - Background: #533B4C


purple notion dark mode color

Text: #9A6DD7 - Background: #443F57


blue notion dark mode color

Text: #529CCA - Background: #364954


green notion dark mode color

Text: #4DAB9A - Background: #354C4B


yellow notion dark mode color

Text: #FFDC49 - Background: #59563B


orange notion dark mode color

Text: #FFA344 - Background: #594A3A


brown notion dark mode color

Text: #937264 - Background: #434040

The Significance of Colors in Notion's Design Philosophy

In Notion's design philosophy, colors are not mere decorative elements; they are fundamental in shaping the user's experience.

The choice of colors in Notion reflects a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Each color palette is selected to improve visual clarity and facilitate intuitive navigation through the app.

Understanding Notion's Top Colors and Their Uses

Here's a list of the most popular colors in Notion, each with its unique symbolism and potential use case:

  • Blue: Symbolizes productivity and calmness. Ideal for project management pages and to-do lists.

  • Green: Represents growth and stability. Great for personal development plans and financial tracking.

  • Orange: Energizes and stimulates creativity. Suitable for brainstorming sessions and creative workspaces.

  • Red: Indicates urgency and importance. Perfect for highlighting deadlines, critical tasks, or important reminders.

  • Pink: Associated with creativity and playfulness. Can be used for ideation, artistic projects, or personal journals.

  • Purple: Often represents wisdom and luxury. Ideal for brainstorming areas or pages dedicated to learning and exploration.

  • Yellow: Radiates optimism and positivity. Excellent for highlighting achievements, positive feedback, or motivational quotes.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Here are some expert tips and tricks to use colors effectively in Notion:

  • Consistency is Key: use a consistent color scheme throughout your pages for a cohesive look. This helps in quick navigation and reduces visual clutter.

  • Color Coding: assign specific colors to different types of projects. For instance, use a particular shade for urgent tasks, another for ongoing projects, and so on. This visual categorization aids in prioritizing and managing your workload more efficiently.

  • Accentuate with Colors: use brighter colors to highlight key points. This draws immediate attention to crucial information.

  • Themes and Moods: Experiment with color combinations to set themes or moods for your pages. For example, use calming blues and greens for personal journals or vibrant oranges and reds for brainstorming areas.

  • Balance and Harmony: while it’s tempting to use multiple colors, maintaining a balance is essential. Too many colors can be distracting. Aim for a harmonious blend that’s pleasing to the eye and conducive to focus.

  • Custom Colors for Branding: If you're using Notion for business, align the color scheme with your brand colors. This reinforces brand identity and makes your workspace uniquely yours.


By understanding notion colors effectively, you can transform your Notion experience into something that is visually appealing.

So, dive in and start experimenting with different color combinations. Embrace the creativity that Notion's color palette brings to your organizational tasks, making your work reflect your personal style.

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